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ReThink the Drink is a project that seeks to inspire alcohol culture change among LGBTIQ women. Originally, it was part of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative (ACCI) which funded nine different projects aimed at reaching groups who engage in risky drinking behaviours. From that time, the project has evolved to become a place where LGBTIQ women can share their stories, strategies and tips around drinking.

The second iteration of our, 'Couldn’t Have Done That with a Hangover’ campaign saw us engage with women from local sporting clubs. We worked with the Fitzroy Football Club, Darebin Falcons, Victorian Roller Derby League, The Clams Aquatic Water Ballet, and the Queer Sporting Alliance to produce a series of inspiring images of LGBTIQ women doing what they love. Beth, Laura, Liz, Amelia, Natalie, Michelle and Mish are all advocates of what can be achieved when we live life hangover free.

rethink the drink campaign_ROLLERDERBY.jpg

We’ve begun collecting stories from women who are sharing their thoughts on drinking within LGBTIQ women’s communities. Some of them reflect on their on drinking habits and reflect on why they’d like to drink less, and some women have shared their strategies of how they have reduced their drinking.

Sharing your story and hearing others is a great way to see that you're not alone.

Share your story here.

If you would like 'Couldn’t Have Done That with a Hangover' posters or postcards for your organisation or community event please contact email us



Supported by VicHealth

The ReThink the Drink project is part of VicHealth's Alcohol Culture Change Initiative.