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"I am enjoying being able to wake up on a Sunday and go indoor rock climbing or go for a bush walk with friends — minus that seedy feeling."

My relationship with alcohol has changed over the years.

In my younger years, I was definitely out most weekends getting pissed and sleeping the next day away.

Then in my early juggling work and young kids years, there were times when I’d come home from work and pour myself a glass of wine. I saw it as my reward at the end of the day. I might pour myself another one whilst cooking dinner and then perhaps one more after that — not every weeknight but sometimes more often than not.

I was with my ex partner for 15 years (and three kids later), and she doesn’t drink, which was great for me as there was never any argument of who was going to be the designated driver. I remember getting slightly put out once when she was eight months pregnant and too tired to drive home so I had to!

rethink the drink outdoors.jpg

After we separated, I dove straight into a rebound relationship with a woman who was a big drinker, so I became a big drinker. Then when that finished six months later, I started grieving for my 15 year relationship as I should have done in the first place. I developed severe anxiety about being on my own for the first time in my adult life and stopped drinking altogether.

I’ve recently separated from another relationship and have gone back to not drinking. I am enjoying being able to wake up on a Sunday and go indoor rock climbing or go for a bush walk with friends — minus that seedy feeling. I feel that my body, mind and soul are definitely benefitting from having a break from drinking.


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